How to Get Here

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1km before entering Takaka township turn left into Long Plain Road. There is a sign on the corner reading "Anatoki Salmon".

Drive down Long Plain Rd for 3.7km and then turn right into McCallum Road. There is another "Anatoki Salmon" sign on that corner too.

2.4km down McCallum road, the tar seal becomes a gravel road. Don't panic, you are not lost... just keep driving for about 10 minutes right to the end of the gravel road. You'll then find yourself amongst a bunch of buildings.
Congratulations... you've made it!
View of Golden Bay from the Takaka Hill road.
From Motueka township take State Highway 60 to Takaka via the Takaka Hill.

The Takaka Hill is pretty impressive. So please make sure that you check your radiator and oil levels before setting out.

Allow around 1½ hours to make the trip from Motueka to Takaka township. There are many great sights to see along the way, so please take your time and enjoy the journey.

Rainbow Community and Backpackers is then around 15 minutes from the State Highway turnoff.